The GSA believes that all members should have access to events and gatherings that promote exchange and friendship in a supportive environment. Each year we either plan directly or work with external partners to hold an ever-growing slate of activities for our members. We are always on the lookout for new ideas about things to do so if you have an idea we encourage you to let us know and we will do our best to bring it to fruition.


University Committees:
GSA representatives at respective committees


Faculty of Fine Arts Council Matthew Nye

Etta Sandry


Faculty of Arts & Science Council Masoumeh Zaare
Purna Roy



Faculty of Arts & Science Steering Committee Purna Roy
Faculty Curriculum Committee of Arts & Science

Masoumeh Zaare


CCSL Committee Boshra Arghavani
Hamed Molaei



Graduate Curriculam Committee Amir Molaei
Amir Hooshiar



Council of the School of Graduate Studies Amir Molaei
Amir Hooshiar
Roozbeh Ghoochani



Council of the School of Graduate Studies Steering Committee Amir Hooshiar


Phone: 514.848.2424 x. 7900


Internal GSA Committees:
Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee plans all of the events for members throughout the course of the year. This includes a two-week long Fall Orientation, the Winter Orientation, plus many other individual social events throughout the year. Full of lively people and chaired by the VP-Internal, you are sure to hear raucous laughter throughout the GSA House when this team meets. The team enjoys support from Council and each year they plan better and better events. If you like event planning, or just want to learn about new people than this is the committee for you.

Hiring Committee

The hiring committee provides recommendations to council for any possible hires except temporary hires, who are contracted for less than two (2) months. They also hire three (3) Managers to assist the Executive Committee in the execution of their daily tasks. Temporary hires are hired by the executive committee.

Budget committee

The annual GSA budget is be prepared for approval and/or amendment by a Budget Committee.

Policy committee

The GSA Policy Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the By-Laws, Special By-Laws, and policies of the GSA It shall make reports and recommendations to Council regarding any proposed amendments to the By-Laws and policies, as well as recommend new policies.

Appointments committee

The appointments committee is responsible for interviewing applicants for university committees but excluding the Senate and Board of Governors, and provide recommendations to council.

Funding committee

The Funding Committee is responsible for implementing the Departmental Allocation Policy, and the Special Projects Policy.

General Assembly committee

This committee drafts an agenda for the General Assembly. The agenda recommendation for both Fall and winter GAs should be sent to Council in the council meeting before the GA. The members of the GA committee assists the GSA executives and staff in the mobilization and logistics of the GA.


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