Arts and Science Directors

Angelica Restrepo

Angelica is a 2nd year MA student in Child Studies, in the Department of Education. Her current SSHRC-funded research focuses on youth’s moral development in the midst of protracted violence. Specifically, she is interested in Colombian adolescents’ conceptualizations of retributive and restorative justice in the context of the Colombian Government’s peace agreement with left-wing guerrilla groups. Prior to attending CU, Angelica completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at McGill. She is a student representative in DOEIGSA (Department of Education Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Association) and although this is her first year as an Arts & Science Director, she is looking forward to contribute your CU student life! She will always be happy to chat and answer your questions; don’t hesitate to reach out!

Chloe Williams

Chloë is completing a graduate level certificate in Community Economic Development at the School of Community and Public Affairs. She is also working as the Cafe Coordinator at the Hive Cafe Coop located in the Hall building on the downtown campus and the SC building at the Loyola campus. Chloë joined the GSA as an Arts and Science Director in order to help work on policy development and increase oversight and transparency to the graduate student body.

Fatina Siblini

Fatina Siblini is a PhD student in the Department of Economics at Concordia University. Her research focuses on Long-Term care for seniors. She is mainly interested on the impact of caregiving to a senior parent on the labour supply of the caregiver adult child. She is currently representing the faculty of Arts and Science at the Graduate Student Association (GSA). She was also the graduate representative of GSA in the Arts and Science Faculty Council (ASFC) and the Arts and Science Steering Committee meetings in 2016.  This year, she was selected to be a GradProSkills ambassador. She took the advantage to volunteer for a variety of GradProSkills activities. This involvement in the community service was an excellent way to help her build leadership, communication and networking skills at the university level. She is committed to represent the students of the faculty of Arts and Science. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any question or comment!

Maida Hadziosmanovic

Maida is a PhD student in the Dept. of Geography, studying the business accountability for climate change. She is also an active member and coordinator of Campus Potager, an on-campus gardening group. Having spent the last couple of years at Concordia, and realizing the potential that the graduate student body has for making the school a better, more transparent, open and fun environment, she involved herself in student politics by becoming an Arts and Science Director.

Rouzbeh Ghouchani

Rouzbeh is a 3rd year PhD student in Economics at Concordia University. While he was doing his undergraduate degree, he was the president of the Student and Science Association of Physics in Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran for a year. During his presidency, he planned and organized several events such as new students’ information sessions, research seminars, and workshops. While he was doing his master degree in Business Management with specialty in Finance, he worked at OMID CO as an Investment Analyst. During this time, he accomplished several fundamental analysis reports in Tehran Stock Exchange Market and fulfilled some Economic analysis about mine industries in countries with high mineral imports and exports. Later, he got elected as the VP Internal in Economics Graduate Students’ Association (EGSA) at Concordia University. During his two year term, he was organizing research seminars, alumni seminars, end of semester parties, and sport events. Besides that, last year he participated in a program as a mentor for new PhD students in Economics department and now he is an ambassador in GradProSkills at Concordia University where he provides feedback to the workshops, contributes to their social media, provides advice to 3-minutes thesis participants, and assists with special event organization voluntarily. He was also the graduate representative in Department Appraisal Committee in Economics department at Concordia University, where he put forward the concerns of graduate students. This year he is the director of Arts and Science faculty in GSA with a commitment to represent and support the students of Arts and Science faculty and work to enhance GSA facilities and benefits for all students. He strives to be the students’ voice in the GSA meetings by receiving comments and feels responsible to engage the students by encouraging them to participate. Please contact him at

Sarah Ghorbani Elizeh

Sarah is a 2nd year MA student in Economics at Concordia University. She is enrolled in Economics Co-op program starting fall 2017. She completed her Bachelors in Economics at Allameh Tabataba’I University in Tehran. She is also elected as VP Internal in Economics Graduate Students’ Association (EGSA) at Concordia University. Her special Interest is in Financial Economics and she did an Internship in Sepehr Investment Bank in Iran and analyzed the situation of Iran’s Petrochemical Industry in Middle East and world. She was also an active volunteer at PAMA green NGO in Tehran.

As a GSA director, Sarah is always ready to answer graduate students with their questions and hear their comments and feedbacks to make graduate students life in Concordia a rewarding experience. Feel free to reach out to her for any question you have.

Engineering and Computer Science Directors

Fatemeh Ahmadi

Fatemeh received her bachelor’s degree in materials science from Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran. Moving away from her initial field, she started studying Electrical Engineering at Concordia University as a master’s student. Indeed, observing problems from different points of views has always been one of her principles and she try to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of fields. Through her education and along her scientific studies, she has always been involved in academic activities like conferences and contests and also social activities as a volunteer. Publishing monthly posters about new technologies, executing the first international microscopic image contest in Iran are two of the most interesting activities she has accomplished. After her bachelors, she worked on an industrial project funded by MAPNA, one of the most professional companies in Iran, for two years. Beside professional knowledge she gained during the project, she could develop teamwork and time management skills. From the beginning of her study at Concordia, she got engaged with different activities at university and in other communities in Montreal. And now she is honored to be a Member of the GSA council. Although motivation and personal interest are the primary conditions for participating in extracurricular activities, she believe a good and stable standing of education is also required. She finished her bachelor study ranked among top 10% students and she was awarded a direct admission for a master degree. She has also been awarded a Merit Scholarship for her master’s study at Concordia University.

Apart from the academic world, some of her hobbies are hiking, getting lost in unknown places and photography! If not, you will find her reading books! For more information on her activities and contact info you can check her website at

Krupa Rajani

“If you can dream it, you can do it” ~Walt Disney

This is Krupa’s life mantra which she is following since from her childhood and she has made it a point to strive for her goals, which were nothing less than her grandest dreams to do something for others by contributing and mastering herself.

Krupa is a 2nd year graduate student pursuing her Master of Engineering in Information Security Systems. She has completed her undergrad in Information Technology course in India. Krupa has more than a year of industrial experience as a Data Analyst in HCL Technologies in India. Also she has completed many freelancing projects as Java developer. Working as Data Analyst driven her interest into Cyber Security for which she joined Concordia University in May 2016 for her further studies. During her first year, she had accomplished many projects in Cryptography, DNS Spoofing, Deauthentication attack in Kali Linux and Web-penetration testing.

Krupa is always known for her quick smile, an impressive bag of tricks, and endless patience. During her undergrad, she established herself as a self-starter and leader through her different volunteer experiences. She has been volunteering for various events for Student Technical Skills, Time Management Workshop, Cultural events, Handicapped Camp etc. Her helping nature and adaptability brings her to join GSA house, where she can contribute with her innovative ideas towards welfare and benefits of graduate students. For any questions, contact her at

Manoj Pai

Manoj Pai is 2nd year Masters Student in Engineering. He is currently pursuing Master of Engineering, in Industrial Engineering. He completed his Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India and has 2 years of work experience as a Quality Engineer in manufacturing sector from India. He has Volunteered for various activities during his Undergrad for the student association and for various cultural festivals. As a Director of Graduate Student Association(GSA), he helps students and provides support regarding education, health or any other issues.  He takes great pleasure in helping and takes student opinion as a priority. Please feel free to contact him at any point of time for help.

Md. Masiar Rahman

Md Masiar Rahman is a Ph.D. Candidate Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department (Electrochemical Green Engineering group), Concordia University. Currently, he is working on Electropolishing of additive manufactured Titanium and other metals to remove and control certain micro and nano roughness using pulse voltage and novel electrolytes. During his Ph.D studies he had also done research work on nanomaterials based novel coating technology and also support effect of ordered nanoporous carbon for fuel cell catalyst. And also, supervised several M.Eng Students for their course based research projects. Besides his study and research, he is highly motivated to work for student’s interests as a part of GSA team.

Md. Ronok Hasan Rubel

Nishant Sirdeshpande

Nishant Sirdeshpande is a 2nd year Masters student representing ENCS faculty in the GSA. He is pursuing his MEng in Mechanical Engineering specialising in Mechanical Systems Design. He has completed his Bachelors studies in Mechanical Engineering from VIIT, Pune and interned at the Automotive Research Association of India during the course of his studies. He also has worked in the capacity of a Technical Sales Executive for 2 years prior to his Master’s program. As a GSA director, Nishant is always welcome to interact with graduate students to answer any queries, solve any pertinent issues faced by the student body to make the graduate experience at Concordia as fulfilling as possible.

Parth Chandarana

Parth Chandarana is a 2nd year Engineering student representing the faculty of ENCS at GSA. He is pursuing his M.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering in Concordia with a specialisation in Aerodynamics and Propulsion systems. Parth has completed his Bachelors in Aerospace engineering from HAA, Bangalore and he has also worked as an intern in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore during his undergraduate studies he has been the part of the Rotary Club an NGO works for providing free basic education to students. Parth has effectively taken part in various volunteering opportunities at Concordia. As a ENCS director he is always ready to support and work for the benefits of the students therefore he will always available to listen to the student’s comments and views.

Ravneet Kaur

Ravneet is a student of MEngg. in Information Systems Security. She did her bachelors in Information Technology from India. She has always actively participated and showed interests in various graduate events in the university. Such events inclined her towards creating good educational experience for students. Thus she decided to join GSA to vocalize and represent graduates of the Engineering and Computer Science department. If you have any queries, ideas or problems, please feel free to contact her.

Jaskaran Singh

Jaskaran is a 2nd year Masters Student in Engineering. He is currently pursuing M.Engg in Information Systems Security. He Completed his Bachelors majoring in Computer Science from LPU, Jalandhar, India. He is currently serving as Vice President-Internal at ECSGA Concordia. He has had a lot of volunteer experience with ISO, Student Success Center etc. As an ENCS Director in GSA. he is always looking forward to representing the needs and issues of ENCS graduate students in GSA. He is always available to talk to all the GSA members and to support them in any way possibly he can. For this you can always send him an email or contact him anytime he would be delighted to help.

Fine Arts Director

Breanna Shanahan

Breanna Shanahan is a current MFA candidate at Concordia University who specializes in Sculpture, Installation and Digital media. She works as a technician at the Digital Fabrication Lab at Concordia and is a part-time sculpture professor at the University this year. Her work has been exhibited in project spaces and galleries in Salzburg, Montreal, Toronto, Oakville, New York and Mississauga. She has participated in an artist residency with the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg Austria and at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, and is one of six members of an artist collective called 13,450 Sq. Ft. Shanahan has been the recipient of many prestigious awards and scholarships including the John-Armand Bombardier Canadian Graduate SSHRC Scholarship 2016-17, the Hitting the High Notes Fellowship 2015, Mississauga Art Council Emerging Artist Award 2015, the Paul Kipps Sculpture Award 2015 and the Doctor Annie Smith Award 2014.

Shanahan is currently the Director of Fine Arts on the GSA council. Her goal as a Director is to connect the Fine Arts with other faculties and students, creating more opportunities for Fine Arts students and enriching the culture and exposure to the arts for the entire student body.

Independent Students Director

Sherif Nader Goubran

Sherif Goubran is a Ph.D. student in the Individualized Program (INDI) at Concordia University. He is conducting interdisciplinary research on building sustainability assessment within the fields of design, building engineering and real-estate finance. His research focus includes building sustainability and sustainability assessment, behavioral approaches in design, building-occupant interaction in buildings as well as topics relating to sustainability in urban and architectural design. Sherif was awarded the INDI Entrance Fellowship, the LEAP PhD Entrance Scholarship, and the INDI in-course award for his proposed PhD research Project. Sherif completed a M.A.Sc. in building engineering at Concordia in 2016 with a focus on energy efficiency in commercial buildings. His engineering work consisted of laboratory experiments, energy modeling and simulation as well as computational fluid dynamics). His masters research was published in more than 4 journal and 3 conference articles. During his masters, he received the Concordia University Retired Faculty and Staff Graduate Award and he received the Concordia F.A. Gerard graduation award for 2016. He was also actively involved in research in different projects as well as in teaching. Before that, Sherif completed a B.S. in Architecture at the American University in Cairo (AUC-Egypt) where he graduated top of his class in 2014 and received the academic achievement award for the 5 consecutive years of his undergraduate studies. His design graduation project proposed the rehabilitation of an industrial facility in Cairo with a concept of empowerment through arts and crafts education. Sherif also presented many of his undergraduate work in student conferences. Today, Sherif is actively engaged in several research centers and research groups where he teaches and conducts research in design, engineering, architecture and finance. He is also involved in several sustainability initiatives and projects at Concordia on the and student as well as the administrative levels. He also has some professional experience in architecture design and construction. Sherif is also interested in art, writing, food, photography and science.

John Molson School of Business Directors

Mohd Azam Khan

Azam is a 2nd year student of MBA at John Molson School of Business(JMSB), Concordia University. He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from New Delhi, India with 7 years of diverse project experience in IT Engineering & Project Management. Prior to MBA, he was working with Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Ltd, HCL and NIIT Technologies Ltd in various roles and responsibilities. He is interested in sports and taken part in various sports events during undergraduate and corporate life. Also he is having keen interest in volunteering activities such as blood donation drives, social awareness drives. He is representing JMSB students as a director for GSA with a commitment to put forward concerns of JMSB students at the GSA Council and work towards them for creating a thriving environment for welfare of JMSB graduate students.

Geoff Weissbach

Geoff Weissbach is a 2nd year MBA student representing the John Molson School of Business as a Director on the Concordia Graduate Student’s Association. Geoff completed his undergrad, a B.Sc. in Biology at Concordia University. Geoff is currently working as an Operational Excellence Specialist for Medtronic, Inc. a global leader in the Medical Technology industry. Geoff is also a core team member for both Medtronic Montreal’s Philanthropy Group and their hub for the Medtronic Women’s Network. Concurrent to his position on the GSA, Geoff is the acting Vice President of Events on the John Molson Graduate Student’s Association. As a GSA Director Geoff is always available to answer questions, support initiatives and facilitate any student’s interaction with the JMGSA or GSA.

Anza Khan

Anza is currently an MBA student at John Molson School of Business, Concordia University. She is originally from India, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology in 2012. She has over four years of experience in the staffing and development industry and has a strong inclination towards the sales and marketing side of the business world. She is the president of the John Molson Women in Business club for the upcoming academic year and is an active gender equality advocate. She takes pride in calling herself a progressive feminist. As a Director, she would like to be the forefront representative of the JMSB graduate students at the GSA council and would be happy to contribute to their student life. Feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions.