Arts and Science Directors

Magdalena Ivasecko

Magdalena Ivasecko completed her undergraduate degree at University of Guelph. During her time there she was the President of the Philosophy Society and sat on the Philosophy Curriculum Committee. Currently, Magdalena is a graduate student at Concordia University in the Department of Philosophy. She maintains her position as Internal Affairs Commissioner of the GPA and sits on the Philosophy Hiring Committee. In addition, she currently holds the role as Director of Arts at the GSA and is eager to begin the year in full swing!

Yingnan Sun

Fatina Siblini

Jiaying Mo

Jessica Cabana

Boyang Pan

Engineering and Computer Science Directors

Samer El Zahab

As a Ph.D. Student at the BCEE Department, I was always looking forward to a certain level of service to be provided by the GSA. Yet, I didn’t find a level of service that meets my needs or addresses my concerns. That is why the decision was to run for the position of GSA director on behalf of my fellow colleagues and friends in the department. I carry with me an experience in the field of management and served in multiple NGOs over the past 5 years. I believe in returning the ownership of the GSA to the students, and I believe in restructuring and rectifying the rules and regulations governing the association in order to serve this purpose. And I encourage all fellow students to act as if the GSA is their own company or house, it is time for us – as members – to reclaim the GSA and employ its capabilities to serve our needs and concerns.


Zhe Zhao

Bhavreet Gill

I am doing an M.Eng in Quality Systems Engineering. I came to Concordia from India in 2015, and my exerpience as an international student encouraged me to become part of the GSA. I look forward to meeting many
engineering. I have always tried to satisfy my desire to be helpful to my community. This enables me to network and improve my team-building and leadership skills. I believe it is important for me to develop leadership qualities, and to be creative by thinking outside the box. By working and volunteering outside of my bachelor and master studies, I leaned time management, networking, and communication skills. These skills helped me to sit in two competitive positions at the GSA as Senator and ENCS Director. I believe that striving towards protecting our environment for ourselves and our future generations, and finding ways to engineer resources to promote environmental sustainability, are noble endeavors.
of you and I am always there for you. Good luck!


Esmaeel Kaiminezhad

This is Esmaeel Kariminezhad, Ph.D. student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Concordia University. By undertaking a Ph.D. study, I intend to lay hands on the extensive knowledge and expertise pertaining to the field of environmental engineering. I always tried to satisfy my deep inside about being helpful to my community. This enable me to network and improve my team-building and leadership skills altogether. I believe it is important for me to develop leadership qualities and at the same time be creative by thinking outside the box. Until now working in different companies and volunteer works beside my bachelor and master studies bring me time management, networking and communication skills. All of these helped me to sit in two competitive positions in GSA house as Senator and ENCS counsellor. Henceforth, I am personally of the opinion that striving towards protecting our environment for ourselves and our future generations, and finding ways to engineer resources to promote environmental sustainability are noble endeavors.

Sushmita Roy

Emma Qi Gao

Ahmad Jabri

Mengijao Zhao

Rishi Bharadwas

Fine Arts Director

Melissa Tamporello

Melissa moved from New Orleans, Louisiana to study Art Education at Concordia. She is in her second year of her Masters and is currently focusing in research and projects related to museum education but her background is in studio arts, namely printmaking, animation, and video. Before coming to Montreal she was a professional custom picture framer but then became really interested in teaching. She currently teaches video and animation workshops to high school students, art related projects to people in the Montreal community, and is president of the Art Education student association. She is the Director of Fine Arts for the GSA and is passionate about incorporating ideas from the student body into the GSA. Lastly, she has a pet lizard named Rutherford whom she adores greatly.

Independent Students Director

Keroles Riad

I am a Concordian since my engineering undergraduate studies when I was in COOP and CIADI. I was a CIADI executive, a capstone team leader that won the Quebec engineering competition and a USRA winning research student. As an INDI master’s student, I was on Concordia’s senate, school of graduate studies’ council, teaching, learning and research engagement sustainability senate sub-committee, both the university’s and MIE committees on hazardous materials, CREPEC student committee and GSA council. As Concordia’s representative in CREPEC, I won its bet to host the first CREPEC student conference and led its organization. Concordia welcomed 120 students from across Quebec in that conference. Via MIE hazardous materials committee, I proposed and led designing a comprehensive hands-on chemical
safety training that got filled in a week. Alongside MIE department, we established a machining workshop and an online booking system to provide research students with manufacturing support. I advocate student-led education. My priority is reforming Concordia co-curricular record to ensure proper recognition by university bodies of extracurricular activities. I will work on structuring a system whereby graduate students get supervision credit demonstrating leadership necessary for their careers. I am privileged to serve alongside such a wonderful team of passionate students.

John Molson School of Business Directors

Mohd Azam Khan

Azam is a 2nd year student of MBA at John Molson School of Business(JMSB), Concordia University. He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from New Delhi, India with 7 years of diverse project experience in IT Engineering & Project Management. Prior to MBA, he was working with Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Ltd, HCL and NIIT Technologies Ltd in various roles and responsibilities. He is interested in sports and taken part in various sports events during undergraduate and corporate life. Also he is having keen interest in volunteering activities such as blood donation drives, social awareness drives. He is representing JMSB students as a director for GSA with a commitment to put forward concerns of JMSB students at the GSA Council and work towards them for creating a thriving environment for welfare of JMSB graduate students.


Shaheer Ali

Educational Background: Bsc Finance, MA Economics, 2nd Year MBA at JMSB

As a JMSB graduate students representative, I strive to :

  • Represent the collective interests and promotes the general welfare of the graduate students.
  • Work to improve the quality and accessibility of graduate education to all graduate students.
  • Plan, Allocate and Provide resources and services efficiently to improve the quality of life of graduate students.

Kartik Narayanan

Kartik is pursuing MBA from John Molson School of Business (JMSB) and is in the second year of the program. He has an undergrad degree in Computer Science & Engineering from India and has close to 5 years experience in Software Product Development, IT Strategies and Production Management. He has previously worked at The Royal Bank of Scotland, UnitedHealth Group and Steria Sopra Ltd. He is also a freelance musician and has specialized in Indian classical percussion music. He is elected as a Director for JMSB in the Graduate Student association (GSA) with the responsibility to put forward the interests of JMSB students in front of the council as well as helping the decision making process in GSA.