Amir Molaei


Office Hourse (Tursdays 4-6 PM)

The President is the official spokesperson for the GSA, Chair of the Executive Committee and of the General Assemblies. He oversees the day-to-day management of the GSA, directs the implementation of Council resolutions, and is responsible for relations with other student communities, student governments, the university administration, and the general public. He prepares monthly reports, publishes an annual GSA report summarizing the GSA achievements during his or her term as well as outlining tasks resolved by Council. The president acts as the GSA representative to the Board of Governors of Concordia University. Additionally, he calls bi-weekly Executive Committee meetings, bi-weekly staff meetings, manages internal communications of the GSA and produces a monthly newsletter. The President also performs duties as outlined in the GSA By-Laws and Special By-Laws.

Vice President Internal
Aeisha Vyas

Write to her at internal@gsaconcordia.ca

Vice President External
Aathi Prasath

Write to him at external@gsaconcordia.ca

Vice President Mobilization
Likith Kumar

Write to him at mobilization@gsaconcordia.ca.

Vice President Academic & Advocacy
Nafisa Tabassum Jamal

Write to her at academic@gsaconcordia.ca