Srinivas Bathini

Srinivas Bathini is an inspired engineer with professional and academic experience in electronics engineering. He has pursued his bachelor and master degrees in Electronics and Communication Engineering and VLSI Design. He is currently working towards his doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University. As part of his Master’s program, he worked in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Bangalore, India as an intern and worked as MEMS Engineer in the same organization. His work involved design and developing MEMS based inertial sensors. His experience with the microtechnology brought him to Concordia as a Doctoral student.

Srinivas is serving as the President of the “Graduate Student Association (GSA)” at Concordia University for the year 2017-2018. He is honored to lead such a dedicated and committed team of executives, directors and staff members. His vision lies on: 1) Inter-faculty collaborations 2) Align with the strategic directions of university, 3) More involvement of graduate students in GSA activities, 4) Collaborations with other organizations for the future and career of the graduate students, 5) Refresh the image of the GSA in the eyes of graduate students, 6) Restructure the association’s by-laws and policies to address the student’s concerns, and 7) Expand the GSA services to its members at every perspective.

Towards the end, Srinivas wishes all the success throughout your studies. He is looking forward to meet students with great ideas which helps our fellow graduate students and to experience a successful academic year with full of achievements.

If you have any issues/concerns, please feel free to stop by the GSA house or directly contact him through email at president@gsaconcordia.ca.

Vice President Internal
Mohammad Taufiquzzaman

Write to him at internal@gsaconcordia.ca

Vice President External
Amir Sadra Khorramizadeh

Amir is an adventurous and curious engineer in computer industry. He has accomplished his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, hardware orientation. He has been amongst the board of management of Computer Association in his past academic institution (IAUCTB). As his work summary, he was the project expert in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) project in Qeshm Island, Iran and after that he was the technical director at the Charity Association of Supporting Diabetics of Iran (CASD) in Tehran, Iran. He is now pursing his master’s degree in Computer Science in Concordia and he has been
elected as the Vice President External of the Concordia University’s Graduates Students’ Association (GSA) for the 2017-18 academic year. He is a promising and caring individual who is thinking about improvements and moving forward all the time.

Write to him at external@gsaconcordia.ca

Vice President Mobilization
Deepak Reddy Erropole

Write to him at mobilization@gsaconcordia.ca.

Vice President Academic & Advocacy
Thufile Ariful Mohamed Sirajudeen

Thufile Ariful Mohamed is a Civil Engineer with academic and professional experience. He is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Construction management at Concordia University from Sept 2016. He had pursued his bachelor’s in civil engineering at his home country India and worked as assistant program manager with Godrej Group, one of India’s biggest and diversified conglomerate.

He has several achievements during both his academic and professional career. He had held several student leadership position in the past and had been the President of various student and professional group. He has a rich experience in working with team and collaborating with various organizations. He has a thorough knowledge and understanding of leading student organizations. The main motto which Thufile always promote during his mandate and tenure is Transparency, Responsibility, Credibility and Selflessness. He has ensured that his motto applied in all the organizations he has been part of, during his mandate.

Elected as the Vice President, Thufile Ariful Mohamed heads the academic and advocacy affairs of the Concordia Graduate Student Association. He is responsible for all academic, advocacy and career related activities of the GSA. As the Vice President of Academic, Thufile also represents the GSA as a voting member in the university Senate, which is the highest decision making body of Concordia university.  In his current mandate, his vision for the GSA is 1) To increase the campus hiring and placement activities for graduate students, 2) Promote and help students with advocacy related activities, 3) Collaborate with various professional and alumni associations, 4) Organize various workshops and conferences for graduate students, 5) Increase the funding for academic and departmental activities and 6) Improve the academic and advocacy services provided by GSA.

On behalf of all the GSA executives, Directors, Governor, Senators and staffs, Thufile would like to welcome you all to Concordia and wish you all the success for your future.

Write to him at academic@gsaconcordia.ca