Golam Aurup

Office Manager

I am a PhD student in Marketing, and the Office Manager at the GSA. I also completed my MASc in Industrial Engineering at Concordia University, and have been working with the GSA since 2008. I served as an Administrative Assistant (2008-2010) and Administrative Coordinator (2010-2012), and have been working as the Secretary for the GSA Council of Directors (since 2010). During my time here the GSA has seen many changes. We have increased the number of activities our members can take part in, our campaigning has had a positive impact on students’ lives, and the GSA house is now alive everyday with the chatter of students. I am the primary contact for all issues in the GSA house, I provide front desk support to graduate students, and coordinate work of executives, committees and staff. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions I welcome them and encourage you to contact me at We may not be able to solve every problem but I do promise you that our team at GSA will try its best to help.

Vinay Paramanand

Finance Manager

Hi there, my name is Vinay Prakash Paramanand, and I am studying second year MBA at JMSB. I am currently working as the Finance Manager at GSA. My responsibilities include preparing & managing GSA’s budget, financial accounting, monitoring and reporting expenses, liaising with auditors to ensure annual audit is carried out effectively. I also provide up-to-date information to the executives, council and general assembly on the monthly, quarterly and annual financial performance. I also work with other staff members such Service Manager and Faculty Manager for payments to events and funding/allocations to student associations registered under GSA, respectively. If you have any concerns or need information on GSA’s finances drop me an email at

Rebecca Holt

Administrative Assistant

As one of the administrative assistants I’m responsible for supporting our executive team and my fellow staff members. If you have any questions about upcoming events, language courses, insurance coverage, or other concerns related to your experience at Concordia I shall do my best to resolve the inquiry or put you in the right direction. When I’m not at the GSA I’m working on my masters in Film Studies with a focus on the technological, political, and visual infrastructures of tube sites. Contact me at, or, drop by the GSA house where I’ll be happily manning our main desk.

Purna Roy

Services Manager

Hi everyone! I am Purna, a doctoral candidate studying the intersectionality of Gender and Religion at Concordia. I am the Services Manager and the primarily act as the booking officer for GSA. I help the executives in organizing social events, including getting food and alcohol permits. My main work is internal in liaison with Concordia University services like Hospitality Concordia and Facilities Management. If you need any help with booking on-campus spaces for events or have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

Nicole Macoretta

Faculty Manager

Nicole Macoretta is a visual artist born in Toronto, Ontario. Her art practice is interdisciplinary in nature, combining various media to express themes of memory and loss. Materials and processes used include: paint, resin, textiles, collage and analogue photographic practices. Her art is grounded in and reflective of her work as an art therapist and art educator working with older adults. Nicole is focused on encouraging the emergence and cultivation of creative capacities in support of physical and mental well-being, fostering creative communities of resilience. She is currently completing a masters in Art Education at Concordia University, researching perceived informal learning for older adults in community art studios. For all inquiries related to student association operations and funding, Nicole can be reached at

Carlos Jabbour

Meeting Facilitator

It is my responsibility as the Meeting Facilitator to ensure that all Council and Executive members have the required resources and information to partake in well-structured GSA Council meetings and make meaningful decisions. Our aim is to positively impact every graduate student and further promote Concordia University as a world-class institution. Please feel free to email me at:

Samuel Oboh Eromensele

Outreach Coordinator

I am currently a Concordia University graduate research student in the area of statistical data analysis and clustering. I have spent part of my student life at Concordia University developing my social, communication and leadership skills. This I achieved while volunteering with the Concordia International Student Office, the Concordia Graduate Students Association and also as a student ambassador of the GradProSkills program. As the current Outreach Coordinator, my role includes organizing outreach events to enhance student engagement within GSA as well as assist with mobilization tasks. Kindly contact me at if you have any comments regarding GSA events and if you have any questions.