GSA Yoga and Meditation Camp on Thursday, 11th July 2019 from 11 AM to 3 PM in MB 9A

GSA Yoga and Meditation Camp on tomorrow

GSA is organizing Yoga and Meditation Camp. Please be available and register yourself.

Date: Thursday, 11th July 2019
Time: 11:00 AM–03:00 PM
Location: MB 9A, JMSB Building, Concordia University


Please bring your Yoga Mats for the event.

**[Register here!](**

GSA & ECSGA One Day Mount Tremblant Trip

This is a one-day trip to Mont Tremblant in collaboration with ECSGA
Date: Sunday, 7th July 2019
Time: 8:00 AM–16:00 PM
Location: Mont Tremblant

Cost: $30 per student [$35 for Guest and $30 for kids (age group 6 to 12)]

The Event is open to all registered Graduate Students.


1. Total Tickets available is 200 so please register soon!
2. The trip cost includes traveling by school bus and admission ticket to the Mont Tremblant. Admission tickets include fees for three activities to choose from the available activities at Mont Tremblant.
3. Organizers are not responsible for your choice of activities and respective terms and conditions of the activities.
4. The payment for the trip has to be done along with the registration.
5. Make sure to carry your Health Insurance Card with you.
6. For more information and queries please contact or .

Please click here for details of the activities to choose from and specific conditions/restrictions.

Please click here to register for the event!

The Registration will open at 3:00 PM on Thursday 4th July 2019.






Climb one of our two inflated mountain structures on Lac Tremblant and dive off to your heart’s content. 15 or 20-minute access. Minimum height of 1.22 metres (4 ft.). Access to the Beach and Tennis Club not included.Gigantic mountain:7 years old and over. Small mountain: 4 to 7 years old.



Explore Lac Tremblant by pedal boat, canoe, or kayak. 30-minute activity. One activity equals one place in the boat.



Discover an exceptional beach offering stunning views on Mont Tremblant. 1-day access. Does not include tennis court or boat rentals.



Small electric boat rental for kids. Kids under 7 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult 18 years old and over. One activity equals one place in the boat. 15-minute access.



Pedestrian Village:



Jump like never before and defy gravity. 4-minute access. Minimum size: 85 cm (2 ft. 10 in.). Weight permitted:14 to 72 kg (30 to 160 lb.) Last access 1 h before closing time.



Move from one platform to another by means of 6 different types of suspended bridges and games. 3- to 5-minute activity. Minimum age: 6 years old.



Challenge yourself on our 30-foot high climbing tower. 10-minute activity. Minimum weight: 20 kg (45 lb). Running shoes required. Last access 1 h before closing time.



Play on a mini-golf with a giant attitude! Last tee-off time 1 h before closing time.



Includes: hybrid bike and helmet. 60-minute rental. Last rental 1 h before closing time. Deposit required on credit card. Limited quantity.






Reach the summit in a few minutes with the Panoramic Gondola and discover spectacular views. Round-trip access to the summit



Admire spectacular birds as

they take flight on the summit of the Laurentians! Access to the Panoramic Gondola not included. Spaces are limited. Shows at 12 : 30 p.m. and 2 : 30 p.m.


Enjoy lunch on the shores of Lac Tremblant or at the summit of the mountain. Access to the Panoramic Gondola and Beach and Tennis Club not included. Menus may vary by location.


Teamwork missions:



Live an exciting experience in this new laser tag arena like a larger-than-life video game. 10-minute activity. Minimum age: 8 years old.



Enter a carefully crafted world that will immerse you in a thrilling experience. Will you lead your team to victory, or be trapped forever? 15-minute activity. Recommended minimum age: 9 years old.


The new GSA team first Council Meeting

Date: Friday, June 21st, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Venue: GSA House


  1. Attendance Sheet verification at 6:00 pm
  1. Call to Order
  1. Adoption of the Agenda
  1. Appointment of Council Chair
  1. Agenda by executives
  2. President
  3. VP Internal
  4. VP External
  5. VP Academic and Advocacy
  6. VP Mobilization
  7. Appointment of the following internal committees
    1. Appointments committee
    2. Hiring committee
    3. Budget committee
    4. Policy committee
    5. Judiciary committee
    6. Student Life committee
    7. Funding committee
    8. General Assembly committee
    9. Environmental & Sustainability committee
  1. Motions presented by the Faculty of Arts and Science Directors
  1. New Business
  1. Adjournment

GSA Elections 2019-20 Result


GSA Elections 2019-20 Results

Please find results below.

List of Candidates and number of votes


1.Aditya Taneja (AVENGERS) -625
2.Keeshava Praveen Neeriya Hegade (RISE)- 466
3.Rama Krishna Naidu Vaddipalli – 54


VP Internal

1.Gaurav Markan (AVENGERS) -596
2.Sagir Ahmed (RISE)- 538

Abstain – 125

VP External

1.Gunvansh Singh bhatia (AVENGERS)-631
2.Kalaiselvan Palaniappan (RISE)- 498

Abstain -130

VP Mobilization

1.Arash Ahmad Memari (AVENGERS)-619
2.Dhruva Teja Velichati (RISE)- 520


VP Academic and Advocacy

1.Dima Kanaan (AVENGERS)- 619
2.Masoud Raudneshin (RISE)-516

Abstain – 124



1.Emmanuel Odubanjo (AVENGERS)-425
2.Ashit Patel (AVENGERS)-411
3.Hamed Esmaeeli (AVENGERS)-406
4.Neerav Bhatia (AVENGERS)-403
5.Bhargav Bhavsar (AVENGERS)-395
6.Haamid Usman (AVENGERS)-391
7.Anmol Singh (AVENGERS)-388
8.Bhupinder Kaur (AVENGERS)-388
9.Dhvani Agola (RISE)-376
10.Fauzia Gandhi (RISE)-374
11.Arshdeep Singh Dandial (AVENGERS)-370
12. Kranthi Kumar Sankuru (RISE)– 370
13.Lakshmi Bhavani Asile (RISE) -370
14.Hemanshu Chourasia (AVENGERS)-366
15.Eswaran Srikrishna (RISE)-365
16..MD Foysal Ahmed (RISE)-364
17.Manikandan Shanmugam (RISE)-363
18.Jatin Sehgal (AVENGERS)-361
19.Mohammad Ishfaque (RISE)-355
20.Haard Parikh (RISE)-353
21.Monazzahalsadat Yasoubi (AVENGERS)-345
22.Aneesh Kochukrishnan (RISE)-335
23.Vivek Bansal (AVENGERS)-313
24.Anantharaman Ananthakrishnan (RISE)-304
25.Muhammad Umer (RISE)-297
26.Shayan Tavakali Kafiabad(AVENGERS)-288
27.Zaineb al-Maadhidi(AVENGERS)-222
28.Oyejide Oyewunmi(RISE)-212
29.Taresh Sharma(RISE)-182
30.Zhixiao Xu (RISE)-149

Arts & Science

1.Manuel Lepage-Levesque(A&S UNITED)-37
2.Sara Mumtaz (A&S UNITED)-37
3.Federico Bettini (A&S UNITED)-36
4.Kailun Cao (A&S UNITED)-36
5.Xun He (A&S UNITED)-32
6.Yaser Jaber(A&S UNITED)-30
7.Noel Navin Dass (AVENGERS)-29
9.Tina M Beigi (AVENGERS)-29
10.Michael krohn (AVENGERS)-28

Abstain -7


1.Stephanie Larin(TRANSPARENCY)-42
3.Carolyn Elizabeth(TRANSPARENCY)-33
4.KavanSanjay Someshwar(AVENGERS)-22

Fine Arts

1.Jacqueline Ristola(AVENGERS)
No- 1
Abstain -2


No candidates


1.ArshdeepSingh Bhatia(AVENGERS)-590
2.Timir Baran Roy(AVENGERS)-563
3.BayanAbu Safeieh(AVENGERS)-538
4.Shankari Priya Vallabhu(RISE)-434
5.Duraichelvan Raju(RISE)-421
6.Pankajakshan Ramaswamy(RISE)-374
7.Manisha jalota(RISE)-248


1.Karan Pande (AVENGERS)-538
2.Keroles Riad (RISE)-461
3.Daniel Lemay- 140


Students granted Conference Funding 2018

To view the list of students who were awarded conference funding from the GSA from the month of June to October 2018, please click the link below.

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Upcoming General Assembly: March 8th, 2019

Upcoming General Assembly will be held from 6:30 to 9:00 PM on March 8th, 2019, in FG Building F-B060.

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Upcoming Council of Directors Meeting: January 30, 2018

The next Council of Directors meeting will be held from 5:00 to 8:30 PM on January 30, 2018, in Concordia Hall building H-613.

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Winter Orientation 2018!

Hello Graduates,

GSA welcomes you to Concordia !!

Happy New Year everyone
Best wishes to start your new year
Below are the events to start your semester with a blast.

GSA Laser Quest
Date: Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018
Time: 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: Laser Quest, 1226 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3G 1P1

Free event – Refundable Security Deposit

GSA Movie Night – Insidious The last key
Date: Thursday, Jan 18th, 2018
Time: 10:00 PM
Venue: Scotiabank Theatre Montréal, 977 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3B 4W3

Free event – Refundable Security Deposit

GSA Movie Night – The Commuter
Date: Thursday, Jan 18th, 2018
Time: 7:55 PM
Venue: Scotiabank Theatre Montréal, 977 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3B 4W3

Free event – Refundable Security Deposit

GSA Winter Trip – Super Glissades
Snow tubing
Snow rafting
Cross country skiing
Ice skating
Horse sleigh

Rentals: For students interested in skiing, equipment rental for skiing available on site and to be paid by individual student (Not included in trip cost)
Lunch: Cafeteria available on site and to be paid by individual student ( Not included in trip cost). You can bring own lunch

Date: Saturday, Jan 20th, 2018
Time: 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Venue: Super Slides Saint-Jean-de-Matha, 2650 Route Louis-Cyr, Saint-Jean-de-Matha, QC H0K 2S0

Bus details
Start place: In front of Hall Building, Concordia University
Start time: 8:00 AM sharp (bus will leave by 8:15 AM)
Venue will be reached by 10:00 AM
Departure time: 5:00 PM

More details here:

Paid event – Non Refundable

GSA Ice Skating – Atrium Le 1000
Skate rentals are included.

Date: Tuesday, Jan 23rd, 2018
Time: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Venue: Atrium Le 1000, 1000 Rue de la Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC H3B 4W5

Free event – Refundable Security Deposit

Except “GSA Winter trip”, all events are free events. Security deposit of 10$ is collected for all the free events and will be refunded once you attend the event.
All the events registration starts in two tiers

Tier 1 : Friday, 5:00 PM Jan 12th, 2018
Tier 2 : Saturday, 10:00 AM Jan 13th, 2018

GSA Opening Reception: Stack Effect 9
Date: Monday, Jan 15th – Friday, Jan 19th, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Venue: EV atrium, Concordia University

More details here

Free event – No registration

GSA Clubbing Event – Karina club
Date: Thursday, Jan 25th, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: 1455 Crescent St, Montreal, QC H3G 2B2

Free event – No registration

Note: All the activities are only for current graduate students

Upcoming Council of Directors Meeting: November 24, 2017

The next Council of Directors meeting will be held from 1:30 to 5:00 PM on November 24, 2017, in John Molson Building Room MB2.430.

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