Concordia University threatens to systematically charge students who participate in peaceful protest against the tuition fee increase Yesterday, over 200,000 students, parents, faculty members and citizens marched peacefully in the

Tuition rises, class size grows, and the bureaucracy gets big by W.D. Smith | 14 January 2010 The annual tuition fee debate has begun. This is the war dance that

par Lisa-Marie Gervais | 16 mars 2012 Après les professeurs, au tour des parents de se joindre au mouvement de grève étudiant, a appris Le Devoir. «Parents contre la hausse»

Ratified 15 March 2012. On March 6th, the Graduate Students Association of Concordia University held a general assembly and voted to strike in protest of proposed tuition fee increases. The

A letter from professors at Concordia University. The efforts of the Charest government to privatize university funding in Quebec have sparked widespread protests. 180,000 students are on strike across the

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Dear Faculty, Staff and Fellow Students, After careful deliberation, students in the MA Media Studies program at Concordia University have collectively decided to continue our strike

by Anna Kruzynski and Eric Shragge, professors at the School of Community and Public Affairs, Concordia University Tuesday March 13th, 2012. Two weeks ago, the undergraduate students in our School

From the Montreal Gazette: Quebec unions stand behind striking students By Karen Seidman, Gazette Universities Reporter | 13 March 2012 MONTREAL – Two of Quebec’s largest labour unions are throwing

The GSA General Assembly on 6 March 2012 voted to go on strike as of Monday 12 March 2012. The exact text of the motion is reproduced below with explanatory

The following message was sent to faculty jointly by the GSA and CSU to faculty on 5 March 2012: The Concordia Student Union (CSU) and the Graduate Student Association (GSA)