GSA Fee List

What is a Fee levy?
This is a charge deducted from the tuition of registered students each term to help fund diverse student focused initiatives or groups.

Fee levy groups supported by the GSA:
Student Advocacy: $2.50 per term
Center for Gender Advocacy: $0.50 per term
Concordia Community Solidarity Cooperative Bookstore: $0.50 per term
Le Frigo Vert: $1.50 per term
Sustainable Concordia: $0.50 per term
Sustainable Action Fund: $1.25 per term
CSU Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank (HOJO): $1.25 per term
Cinema Politica: $1.00 per term
People’s Potato Collective: $2.00 per term
Qpirg Concordia: $0.50 per term
The HIVE: $2.50 per term