GSA Health & Dental Plan

GSA Health & Dental Plan
Graduate students (including CIPs) who are paying GSA association fees and tuition fees at either the Canadian or Quebec rates and who have an active registration with Concordia in the Fall or Winter Term are automatically covered by the GSA Health & Dental Plan. It covers many benefits not provided by provincial health-care programs, like vision care, dental care, travel health coverage, and a Legal Protection Program. For details on coverage and fees, see
Change-of-Coverage & Opt-Out Period
From Sept. 3 – 23, 2019, visit to:
• Enroll yourself in the Plan
• Enroll your spouse and/or dependent children
• Opt-out
For eligible Fall Term students who aren’t automatically covered, including international students. All international students are eligible to enroll themselves in the Dental Plan; those covered by provincial medicare may be eligible for the Health Plan as well.
Contact Studentcare for more information.