Booking Space

Concordia grad students can book the lounge (main floor) at the GSA House located at 2030 Mackay.

To book the space, you can EITHER:

* NOTE: If you choose to print the form and bring it to the GSA office in hard copy, please send an email to  and cc to to alert the Services Manager that you have submitted a request.

Please note the following conditions for booking the space:

  • The rental of this space is a privilege, NOT a right. All applications are subject to approval by GSA staff.
  •  This space WILL NOT BE BOOKED FOR PERSONAL EVENTS (i.e. birthday parties, family reunions, etc). You must clearly identify the reason for booking this space on the application form. Should this space be used for a non-approved reason, your booking will be cancelled.
  •  The person on file with the university is the individual responsible for booking space (as indicated on the Student Organization Registration Form), MUST be the person making the application to rent the GSA Lounge. He/She must sign all appropriate forms and documents. He/She will be responsible for all issues arising from the rental of this space.
  • The above stated representatives are responsible for seeing to it that their group conducts itself in an orderly way and respect the premises, and providing security if necessary.
  • The premises must be vacated and CLEAN by 11:00 pm. Failure to vacate premises in original condition by this time will result in the notification of Security Services.
  • The above stated representatives of the group involved are responsible for proper clean-up of the Lounge following the event (i.e., rearranging furniture to its original place, removal of all decorations, cleaning of kitchen areas, disposal of bottles, cans, food, garbage bags sealed and prepared for removal at the front door, etc.
  • If liquor is being served, a liquor license is mandatory. Application for a liquor license must be completed preceding the event. This license must be posted for inspection by Concordia University Security on the kitchen wall where liquor is being served. This liquor license has been issued for the main floor (1st floor) of the Association ONLY. Please be advised that if you are discovered to be in contravention of any of the regulations, you will no longer be given the privilege of booking the GSA Lounge.