French Classes (2)

Spring Classes will be announced by April 15. The information below will,of course, change.

Cost: All classes are 75$ – We only accept cash payments

Length: Classes are eight weeks long (24 hours of in-class instruction)

Fine Print (Honestly, unlike the admonition to not use your hair dryer in the bathtub this is actually useful as it will answer many of your questions)

  1. In order to register you will need to bring identification and the exact change to the GSA house located at 2030 MacKay Street – here is a map.
  2. Registration is first come, first served and you may register one other Concordia student if you bring their current student identification with you and a letter stating they authorize you to register on their behalf.
  3. We will cap registration for all courses and all attempts will be made to accommodate students but we cannot guarantee or hold spots. Please do not call as due to demand we cannot take phone reservations.
  4. Please bring exact change in cash as we are unable to accept debit, personal cheque, or credit card at this time.

Wait! What level am I? Don’t worry we will have teachers on hand to make sure you register in the correct level. But, to make sure you show up on the right day for registration we also came up with the following handy guide for you as well. You are welcome!

Initiation - This is our most basic level and is designed for those you who have shopkeepers start conversations in French and then quickly change to English when they realize you are going to continue holding the bottle of juice and staring intently at them until they do so. Then they will never get paid and it will turn into some sort of crazy staring contest. One you will ultimately lose due to dehydration. See there are many benefits to learning French!

Beginner 1 - You understand some of the words in advertisements, and sometimes if you point enough you can order your own meal in a French restaurant but often you get your steak well-done instead of the medium you desired. You likely have taken a beginner level class at another school or some years ago in high school.

Beginner 2 – Well now look at you! You can read the metro directions, order some sweet poutine at La Banquise, and discuss Plato over coffee with the exchange student from France…umm nope not quite. You have a reasonable grasp of French but cannot carry on a longer complex conversation.

Advanced – You can read some of your news in French and you often understand much of the conversation but are hesitant to jump in fully. Restaurants menus and ordering tickets online from French vendors rarely pose any problem at all for you but if you have to change your order or upgrade your Madonna tickets to VIP you might switch to English. You have passed level 2 or have taken a recent advanced level class with another institution.

Level Day(s) Time Teacher Classroom
Initation Monday 6-9pm Azin Upstairs
Initation Tuesday\Thursday 10:30-12noon Samandis Upstairs
Initation Saturday 10am-1pm Mehdi Upstairs
Beginner 1 Monday\Wednesday 10:30-12noon Samandis Upstairs
Beginner 1 Saturday 10am-1pm Samandis Downstairs
Beginner 2 Wednesday 6-9pm Azin Upstairs
Advanced Saturday 1-4pm Mehdi Downstairs

  1. Qasim naushad 9.29.11 / 4pm

    I am a graduate student and I was hoping to register for the French lessons but I do not see any forums here to be filled
    Please could anyone guide me

  2. admin 9.29.11 / 6pm

    Although we are working on an online registration and payment, for Fall 2011 you will need to come to the GSA in person. More info about registration and the schedule is here:

  3. ethan 9.29.11 / 9pm

    I loved the Beginner 3 course in the summer and would like to register for Intermediate 1, however the schedule can/will greatly affect my ability to participate. I imagine you won’t know until people are registered, but can you give me some indication as to if these will be weekdays, weeknights or weekends for the “twice weekly 2-hour sessions”?

  4. Admin 10.3.11 / 1pm

    Hi, Ethan. Here is the info re the Int. 1 class:

    Intermediate 1

    Monday 6-9pm

  5. Rahul 10.4.11 / 2pm


    I have done Delf A1 from L’Alliance Francaise. Just wanted to know that from which level should I start now? Is Delf A1 equal to beginner level 1 in GSA and should I register for beginner lever 2 now?

  6. Sakib 11.28.11 / 7pm


    I am here in Montreal now; starting M.A.Sc from Winter 2012. I want enroll in beginner level 1 class asap; i have 1.5month coursework in L’Alliance Francaise Dhaka; couldnt complete as i am early here. When can i start?

  7. admin 11.29.11 / 5am

    Classes will be starting up again in January. Keep an eye on your email, as we will be sending notices shortly. You can subscribe to the GSA’s email list here:

  8. natdraz 1.10.12 / 2am

    Do the courses show up on your transcript or have any effect on your GPA?

  9. i_ahmed 1.10.12 / 3pm

    Hi Admin!

    I am interested to register for Intermediate French, since I have problem only in understanding native french and some keywords. But, I have 2 questions.

    1. Is there any other date that I can register, other than Jan 19? I will be at work then.

    2. You mentioned a course, named: ‘business french’. Can you please give a little description? I mean in which level of french you require for that?

    Thank you for your time.

  10. Roddy Doucet 1.11.12 / 10am

    @natdraz – No they will not be on a transcript.
    @i_ahmed – The higher level classes do not usually fill up as quickly as the beginner classes, while I cannot guarantee anything, if you come after your lab you should be fine. We are open until 9pm.

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