French Classes

Please contact us by end of June for July 2019  French Classes!

Cost: $100

Fine print:

  1. In order to register you will need to bring identification and the exact change to the GSA office located at 2030 MacKay Street.
  2. Registration is first come, first served.
  3. We will cap registration for all courses. Attempts will be made to accommodate students but we cannot guarantee or hold spots. Please do not call as due to demand we cannot take phone reservations.
  4. Please bring exact change in cash as we are unable to accept debit, personal cheque, or credit card at this time.
We offer various levels of French classes:

This is our most basic level. It is designed for those you who need some French instruction before you’ll be able to get around Montreal without making everyone switch to English when they encounter you.

Beginner 1
You understand some of the signs in Montreal, and sometimes you can have a conversation with a Francophone if you use a lot of charades. You likely have taken a beginner level class at another school or some years ago in high school.

You can read some of your news in French and you often understand much of the conversation but are hesitant to jump in fully. Restaurants menus and ordering tickets online from French vendors rarely pose any problem at all for you but if you have to change your order or upgrade your Madonna tickets to VIP you might switch to English. You have passed Level 2 or have taken a recent advanced level class with another institution.