The new GSA team first Council Meeting

Date: Friday, June 21st, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Venue: GSA House


  1. Attendance Sheet verification at 6:00 pm
  1. Call to Order
  1. Adoption of the Agenda
  1. Appointment of Council Chair
  1. Agenda by executives
  2. President
  3. VP Internal
  4. VP External
  5. VP Academic and Advocacy
  6. VP Mobilization
  7. Appointment of the following internal committees
    1. Appointments committee
    2. Hiring committee
    3. Budget committee
    4. Policy committee
    5. Judiciary committee
    6. Student Life committee
    7. Funding committee
    8. General Assembly committee
    9. Environmental & Sustainability committee
  1. Motions presented by the Faculty of Arts and Science Directors
  1. New Business
  1. Adjournment

Use Your Knowledge to Help Fellow Students

The GSA will be running certification training programs for Concordia grad students. Now, we are creating a database of people who have already completed certifications (such as Oracle, CCNA, CAPM, etc.). Graduate students who already have certifications may be able to assist in training other students who would like to earn those certifications.

We are creating a database of all potential trainers, which we can draw from to run training sessions during the 2016-2017 academic year.

We are looking for graduate students from any faculty with any type of professional certification.

If you have a certification and might be interested in training other students who are seeking the same certification, please send a CV to with the subject line “Certification Training Application“.

Take a Break and Play PS4 at GSA House

Visit us with your friends and enjoy some time spent playing FIFA 2016 in the GSA House for FREE!

We will soon be hosting a FIFA 2016 gaming tournament, so start practicing!

Please provide Concordia ID to the GSA office to gain access to the PS4. Full regulations regarding use of the PS4 are available at the GSA office.

REMINDER: Register Your Student Association

Student Association Registration expires every year on May 31st. This means your Student Association must re-register for the 2016-2017 year. Registering your Student Association will allow you to:

–Receive funding from your umbrella association (the GSA)
–Book spaces on campus
–Apply for alcohol and food permits on campus

Follow the link to re-register your student association, or create a new one: Find the link here.

Once you have filled out the online form, print it out, collect all required signatures, and bring it to the GSA office.

Please note: Phone numbers of the Members of the Governing Body must be included.