The most awaited results for the GSA Elections 2020 is here and the recording board is more than pleased to bring this information to all of you. It’s been a hectic schedule of 3-4 weeks with all election activities going in full swing and GSA members getting to exercise their rights in deciding who represents them for the following year. We thank all contestants for participating in the elections and congratulations to all winners!!

Without much delay, we present to you the final election results.

Election Results 2020


Marzieh Masoodi Nia (Achievers)

Naveena Kumaresan (Voice) – Winner 

Vice-President Academics & Advocacy

Rana Askarikamiabad (Achievers)

Md Foysal Ahmed (Voice) – Winner 

Vice-President Mobilization

Leila Refahi (Achievers)

Sandeep Reddy Butukuri (Voice) – Winner 

Vice-President External

Arash Mazaheri (Achievers)

Kapil Kumar (Voice) – Winner 

Vice-President Internal

Mehrshad Kashi (Achievers)

Amrit Kaur (Voice) – Winner

To see full descriptions of each position, click here.

JMSB Directors

Elaheh Nik Bakht (Achievers)

Iris Stefania Vasiliu (Achievers)

Gurmanak Singh Kohli (Voice) – Elected

Prathamesh Wanare (Voice) – Elected

Sarah Rahimi – Elected 

Shawn Choupani

Fine Arts Directors

Shaghayegh Darabi (Achievers) – Acclaimed 

Behnam Mohammadi (Achievers) – Acclaimed

Interdisciplinary/Individualized Program Director

Emily Brooke Leavitt – Acclaimed 

ENCS Directors

Armaghan Khoshaeen (Achievers)

Sara Fakharian (Achievers) – Elected

Aravind Gopisetti (Voice) – Elected

Chethankumar Gopalaiah (Voice) – Elected 

Jahidur Rahman Jesan (Voice)

Jasmeet Kaur Walia (Voice) – Elected 

Kulwinder Singh (Voice) – Elected

Nandini Panneer Selvam (Voice) – Elected

Rimal Juneja (Voice) – Elected

Riya Dutta (Voice) – Elected

Shalini Peruka (Voice) – Elected

Taranpreet Singh Bhatia (Voice) – Elected

Tavtej Singh Lehri (Voice) – Elected

Aditya Verma

Pushpa Gautam Ojha

Arts & Science Directors

Erfan Dorodgar (Achievers) – Acclaimed 

Gurnaman Kaur (Achievers) – Acclaimed 

Razieh Shahedialiabad (Achievers) – Acclaimed 

Kamal Bawa (Voice) – Acclaimed 


Ehsan Goodarzi Rad (Achievers) – Elected

Duraichelvan Raju (Voice) – Elected

Raghavareddy Gari Anu Sai Praneetha Reddy (Voice) – Elected

Sri Divya Doppalapudi (Voice) – Elected

Anastasia Erickson

Brittany Jackson

Shvetkumar Patel

Yash Reghe


Behrad Bezyan (Achievers)

Prasanth Shunmugam (Voice) – Elected

Fabio Balli

Tzvi Filler

To see full descriptions of each position, click here.