Hamed Esmaeeli

ENCS Director


Hamed Esmaeeli is a current TA and lab instructor at Concordia University. He had been a lecturer on Urban Transportation Network Design and Traffic Engineering at the university level. He developed his teaching expertise by receiving a certificate in teaching from the center of teaching and learning at Concordia University. He did many active presentations for graduate and undergraduate students in order to learn the benefits of engineering knowledge in our professional software. He brought several practical examples of cases to make them more familiar and improve the visualization of students using transport modelling and design software.


Hamed Esmaeeli is a Transportation manager with international experience in Tramway signalling and construction. His leadership on a group of 45 labours and engineers lead a huge urban project to accomplished and commission based on the plan. He strengthened his leadership competency by taking the leadership certificate from Concordia University and Project Management from Actualisation IDH.

Work experience

Hamed is highly qualified in the modeling of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) rely on standards, regulations and law of Europe and North America. Among variety of employed regulations, he has done several signals optimizing, capacity calculation and traffic simulation tools such as SIDRA, TRANSYT, HCM 2000/2010, Aimsun, VISUM, and VISSIM.
He has assisted in parking solutions, cycling, and planning related to road construction. They are also involved in the public transport exploitation phase.
Currently, he works on the development of new ITS applications to develop driving performance in the urban area.