Council of Directors


The Council of Directors is the second highest governing and decision-making body of the GSA. The council is responsible for setting policy, approving budgets, and appointing student representatives to university bodies.

The council is made up of Directors, Senators, the Governor, and the Council Chair.

Below is a full list of our current council members and a descriptions of their responsibilities.

The Directors

The role of Director has three main functions which include enforcing the General-By Laws and Special By-Laws of the GSA, aiding Executives in the execution of their assigned duties, and maintaining the endeavour to improve the general condition of the GSA and of all Graduate Students at Concordia University.

The Senators

The role of Senator focuses on representing the GSA and graduate students on Concordia University’s Senate. Furthermore, the senator participates in establishing academic standards, including standards for admission and evaluation standards of student performance at all levels of the university.

The Governor

The role of Governor involves representing the GSA and graduate students on Concordia University’s Board of Governors. Moreover, responsibilities related to the position include the adoption of the University’s mission and strategic directions, the approval of the budget, the appointment of senior administrators, the establishment of policies, procedures and regulations in connection with the University’s governance, the adoption of tuition fees, and the conferment of honorary degrees