GSA Funding for Student Groups


The GSA provides funding for its associated student groups. This funding aids groups in executing events and projects for their members.

For information regarding how to register a student group, please click here.

The deadline to apply for funding for Fall 2023 is September 30th, 2023

Important Documentation


  1. Ensure that your student group is registered with the GSA for the current academic year;
  2. Download the form and use Acrobat Reader to fill out the form;
  3. Combine all relevant documentation into one PDF;
  4. The PDF document should be saved with name:
    •  Association name – Departmental Allocation – Application Term;
  5. Email your application to [email protected];
  6. Use the following format for the subject line of your email:
    • Funding Application Term – Association name – Departmental Allocation.

Departmental Allocation

Graduate Department Associations are an integral part of the graduate student community. Each Graduate Department Association is an independent democratic entity designed to represent students. As the overarching graduate student body, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) allocates funds yearly to each qualifying Graduate Department Association and must ensure the accountability, transparency and democratic integrity of each association.

To be eligible for funding, a Departmental or Faculty Student Association must meet to following criteria:

  • Hold bylaws that are approved by the majority of its constituency.
    Said bylaws shall include clause(s) related to quorum for a General Assembly and a process by which the bylaws can be changed.
    Said bylaws shall respect the general principals of democracy and equality;
  • Hold a least one General Assembly (GA) every academic year during which the departmental or faculty student association’s by-laws are open to discussion and change. If quorum for the said general assembly is not met, according to the internal bylaws of the Graduate Department Association, approval of this criterion is left to the discretion of the GSA council;
  • Executives must be democratically elected every year through an open, fair and transparent electoral process, which is adequately communicated to all constituents, even in the case of acclamation;
  • Be duly registered with GSA. In the case of departmental or faculty student association that do not have to pass by GSA in order to be registered with the Dean of Student of Concordia, the communication of the names, emails, telephone number and student ID of their representative directly to GSA will be considered as a registration.