Regulations and Policies

The  GSA by-laws serve as the main set of rules and regulations for the GSA. Read them here.

The GSA By-Laws include the following information:

  • The name & purpose of the GSA ;
  • Membership & fees | Articles II & III;
  • Guidelines for the annual General Assembly | Article IV;
  • Roles & Responsibilities of GSA Members | Articles V-X;
  • Finances | Article X, XXV-XXVII;
  • Getting & Leaving Elected Positions | Articles XII-XVI;
  • Making Policy Changes | Articles XVII-XX;
  • Legal Matters | Articles XXI-XXIV;

These by-laws were ratified at the 2021-2022 General Assembly

The GSA Funding Policy serves as a guide for the allocation of subsidies granted by the GSA and ensures fair, just and transparent proceedings.

GSA Funding Policy

The Funding Policy includes the following information:

  • Eligibility for Funding;
  • Conflicts of Interest;
  • Details regarding the Academic and Special Project Funding;
  • Details regarding the GSA Extra-Curricular Engagement Funding;

This Policy serves as a guide for conducting yearly elections in a fair manner.

Read the Elections Policy here.

The Elections Policy includes the following information:

  • The roles & responsibilities of the CRO;
  • Election Nominations;
  • Candidate Eligibility;
  • Elections Notice;
  • Campaigning;
  • Voting Procedures;
  • Determination of Results.

This policy serves as a guide for the allocation of funding to various departmental/faculty student associations.

Policy on Departmental Allocation

The GSA must maintain a policy and mechanism for the recognition of organization and the supervision of umbrella groups. Read the full policy here.

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