The GSA regularly offers a number of opportunities both within and outside of our organization. These can include paid positions as well as volunteering positions and scholarships. This page is dedicated to sharing these opportunities and relevant details with any interested members of our community.

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Employment Opportunities


“The Concordia Student Union (CSU), in collaboration with the Graduate Student Association (GSA), is currently seeking to hire one (1) graduate student to fill the position of Graduate Student Advocacy Assistant (Graduate Student Advocate) at the CSU Advocacy Centre. Reporting to the Advocacy Centre Manager, the Graduate Student Advocate represents graduate students in Academic Code of Conduct and Code of Rights and Responsibilities interviews, meetings and Tribunal Hearings and help students who find themselves in difficult academic-related situations by accurately identifying their needs and helping them execute an informed course of action, accompanying them where applicable.”

Please note that this is a permanent part-time position.



For more information on eligibility requirements, pay, & how to apply, please visit the CSU’s posting here.


Dialogue McGill is a large Health Canada-funded initiative based in the Ingram School of Nursing. The primary objective of Dialogue McGill is to support activities that address health care and social services access through: (1) language training to increase health care providers’ communication skills and retention rates, (2) innovative human resource initiatives aimed at increasing the number of health and social service providers capable of providing services in English, and (3) conducting program evaluation and research in the aforementioned areas.”

Dialogue McGill is looking for two (2) recent graduates for the positions listed below.

Project Officer: 

Under the direction of the Associate Director, the Project Officer Measure 2 (M2, Professional Retention Program) will be responsible for the efficient and effective operation of Dialogue McGill’s M2 program, in support of administration in accordance with established objectives and timelines.

This position is full-time and temporarily remote.

Find all the details on requirements and how to apply here. 

Research Officer: 

Under the direction of the Associate Director, the Research Officer develops and implements a strategic plan for positioning Dialogue McGill as a leading research hub. This involves yearly conference event planning, identifying relevant funding programs, and facilitating networking across research groups working on minority language issues in health care and social services.

This position is full-time and temporarily remote.

Find all the details on requirements and how to apply here. 

Scholarship/Awards Opportunities & Competitions

Unfortunately, there are no scholarships/awards opportunities at the moment.

Volunteering Opportunities

Who are they & What do they do? 

C.L.A.M. is an organization whose main mission is to develop projects and activities that promote the settlement and socio-economic integration of immigrant persons.

The organization provides assistance and support in administrative processes such as applying for permanent residence, work permits, sponsorships or citizenship. It also accompanies immigrants in their first steps of settlement (health insurance, social insurance, driver’s license, search for housing…), application for social assistance, employment insurance, travel authorization, application for loans and grants and family allowances, translation of documents in English and Spanish (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, criminal history, etc.).

How Can I Help?

C.L.A.M. is looking for volunteers who want to give back to their communities by helping newcomers to the city settle in. Volunteers will be able to participate in a variety of activities such as leading conversation classes (English/French) or simply lending a helping hand to newcomers.

What’s in it for me?

C.L.A.M. is also open to the possibilities of job shadowing, mentoring, and even academic & social coaching between volunteers and refugees. Working with this organization is not only a way to give back to your community, but also provides good opportunities for professional development.


Want more information? Visit C.L.A.M.’s website by clicking here.