GSA Partnered Services – Student Parents

Concordia University Student Parents Centre (CUSP) supports Concordia students with children throughout their studies.

For most students, juggling studies and employment is hard enough. For those with family responsibilities, the balancing act becomes significantly more challenging.

Student parents must navigate a number of obstacles: irregular schedules, finding accessible childcare and affordable housing, underemployment, navigating healthcare for their dependents, and financial instability.

What the centre offers:

  • A safe, accessible and child-friendly space to gather, study and share, including a lounge with study stations, computers and internet access and a kitchenette for food preparation;
  • Regular workshops for older kids on topics such as science experiments, storytelling, art, and technology;
  • Life skills workshops, including referrals for resources such as childcare, financial aid and housing;
  • Bi-weekly study breaks, where staff and volunteers care for children while parents study and much more!

Contact details:

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You can access and register for their future events here.
Question about registration: cusp[email protected]
Youth Programs: [email protected]