The Legacy of the GSA

The GSA was created in 1970 in order to protect the wellbeing of Graduate Students at what is now Concordia University!

However, records of those who worked to make Concordia University a better place for graduate students over the past 50 years are often forgotten. We want to change that!

This page aims to celebrate the work of past teams and record their impacts on the GSA.


2020-2021 GSA Team

The 2020-2021 team had a number of forces working against them, from a fully online environment to a short term. However, they successfully executed a number of projects! See what they spent their term doing for the community.

JMSB Directors

  • Gurmanak Singh Kohli
  • Sarah Rahimi

Gina Cody School Directors

  • Sara Fakharian
  • Aravind Gopisetti
  • Chethankumar Gopalaiah
  • Jasmeet Kaur Walia
  • Kulwinder Singh
  • Nandini Panneer Selvam
  • Rimal Juneja
  • Riya Dutta
  • Shalini Peruka
  • Taranpreet Singh Bhatia
  • Tavtej Singh Lehri

Fine Arts & INDI Directors

  • Shaghayegh Darabi
  • Emily Brooke Leavitt

Arts & Science Directors

  • Gurnaman Kaur
  • Razieh Shahedialiabad
  • Kamal Bawa


  • Duraichelvan Raju
  • Raghavareddy Gari Anu Sai Praneetha Reddy
  • Sri Divya Doppalapudi


Prasanth Shunmugam

Awards & Competitions

Virtual Presentation Competition | May 5th, 2021

This competition involved preparing a short presentation on the impacts that technology plays in our society. Featuring esteemed judges, Dr. Gina Cody, Dean of Students Andrew Woodall, and Layial El-Hadi! 

Winners: Jacqueline Matskiv (1st), Susannah Selber-Hnatiw (2nd), Wilson Hernandez Varona (3rd) 

GSA Academic Excellence Awards | Awarded in May 2021

This award was created in order to highlight and help exceptional graduate students in our community! Overall 40 graduate students were awarded $500 for their studies!

To see the full list of winners, click here.

GSA Subsidy Program | Awarded in May 2021

This subsidy aimed to aid students who are looking to buy essential school supplies to help them perform better in an online environment.


  • LinkedIn 101- Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile – Instructed by Kristel Kabigting
  • How to Land the Job for Graduate Students – Instructed by Brina Olivieri
  • Preparing to Enter the Workforce – Instructed by Margo Takvorian
  • Jazz up your Resumé – Instructed by Rose-Anne Gabriel