After sifting through hundreds of applications for the award, we are finally ready to announce the winners! Thank you to all who applied & congratulations to the winners!

Please note that the awards were distributed proportionately by graduate students per faculty.

Alireza Gerdabi | Masters of Electrical Engineering
Shanmuga Priya Naraginti Ramachandrareddy | Masters of Information Systems Security
Aashish Adhikari | Masters of Information Systems Security
Jeet Pareshbhai Chaudhari | Masters of Information Systems Security
Arzoo Sehgal | Masters of Information Systems Security
Amirmahmoud Moeini Shabestari | M.Eng Building Engineering
Prasanth Shunmugam | M.Eng Mechanical Engineering
Pravesh Gupta | MA Computer Sciences
Rehraj Singh Madan | M.Eng ECE
Harsh Lakhtaria | Master of Industrial Engineering
Yuvraj Prabhakar | M.Eng Electrical and Computer Engineering
Shreyash Jagdishbhai Upadhyay | Masters of Mechanical Engineering
Leila Rafati Sokhangoo | PhD Building Engineering
Md Ashikuzzaman | PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mohammed Mohammed Elbayoumi Elsayed | PhD Information and Systems Engineering
Alireza Saboukhi | Master of Science Mechanical Engineering 
Emad Fakhimi | PhD Mechanical Engineering
Roshini Tamil Selvan | MBA
Akshay Shripathi | MBA
Xiu Wu | PhD in Marketing
Chirag Khullar | Master of Supply Chain Management
Dandan Fang | PhD in Marketing
Mohamed Nasr | PhD Biology
Mudabir Abdullah | PhD Biology
Oliver Russell | PhD Mathematics 
Anne-Marie Sénécal | Masters of Applied Linguistics
Maggie Cassin | Graduate Diploma in Community Economic Development
Julien Beaulieu | Graduate Diploma in Economics
Fenn Maddox Mayes | Graduate Diploma in Journalism 
Salma Addas | Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration
Alexa LeMarquand | Masters of Educational Studies
Jessica Di Bartolomeo | Masters of Environment, Environmental Assessment
Maxime Brunet | Graduate Certificate in Communications
Nicholas Pfeiffer-Major | MENV Environmental Impact Assessment
Paule Gilbert | MFA Studio Arts
Danielle Minuskin | MA Creative Arts Therapies (Art Therapy Option)
Morteza Hazbei | Individualized/Interdisciplinary PhD

Keroles Riad | Individualized/Interdisciplinary PhD

Victoria May | Individualized/Interdisciplinary Masters