GSA Temporary Office | Summer 2023

This summer the University is renovating a number of the Annexe buildings on SGW campus including GSA House.

You can now find us at our temporary office located in Grey Nuns (1175 Saint-Mathieu Entrance) at office number MR-13.

GSA Offices are open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00

Please note that all contact details are from the 2022-2023 academic year and will be updated on June 1st, 2023

GSA Staff

Finance Manager: [email protected]

Services Manager: [email protected]

Office Manager: [email protected]

Administrative Assistant: [email protected]

Meeting Facilitator: [email protected]

Faculty Manager: [email protected]

Communications Manager: [email protected]

The Executive Council

President: [email protected]

Vice-President Mobilization: [email protected]

Vice-President Academic & Advocacy: [email protected]

Vice-President Internal: [email protected]

Vice-President External: [email protected]


For more information regarding the role of each position, click here.

For more information about this year’s executives, click here.

The Council of Directors

Navaneet Jayamohan | [email protected]

Sridharan Vankeepuram | [email protected]

Gautham Guruswamy | [email protected]

Pramod Tiwari | [email protected]

Gifty Detty-Wood | [email protected]

Tuly Chowdhury | [email protected]

Anika Ema | [email protected]

Joyce Xinyu Li | [email protected]

Kripali Patel | [email protected]

Kwunkeyi Isichei | [email protected]

Kyana Mohammadi | [email protected]

Satagopan Desikan Sogatur Veera Venkata | [email protected]

Bansi Mukeshbhai Joshi | [email protected]

Aravind Athinarayanasamy | [email protected]

Sujit B Krishna | [email protected]

Nitesh Virothi | [email protected]

Harman Preet Kaur | [email protected]

Manan Dineshkumar Paruthi | [email protected]

Samir Subash | [email protected]

Siva Tejaswini Unnam | [email protected]

Nirdesh Vallabh Madhani | [email protected]

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