GSA House | Come visit us!

The GSA House is part of the Annexe buildings on SGW.

We are located at 2030 Mackay St. Our current opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday. Stop by for a visit!

GSA Staff

Finance Manager: [email protected]

Services Manager: [email protected]

Office Manager: [email protected]

Administrative Assistant: [email protected]

Meeting Facilitator: [email protected]

Faculty Manager: [email protected]

Communications Manager: [email protected]

Council Meeting Chair: [email protected]

Minute Taker: [email protected]

The Executive Council

President: [email protected]

Vice-President Mobilization: [email protected]

Vice-President Academic & Advocacy: [email protected]

Vice-President Internal: [email protected]

Vice-President External: [email protected]


For more information regarding the role of each position, click here.

For more information about this year’s executives, click here.

The Council of Directors

Meena Sirisha Allamsetty | [email protected] 

Shraman Jain | [email protected]

Javvadi Gunin Ruthwik | [email protected]

Anika Chowdhury | [email protected]

Fairuz Binte Mahbub | [email protected]

Tuly Chowdhury | [email protected]

Prateek Kalia | [email protected]

Mahnoor Sohail | [email protected]

Carlos Velasquez | [email protected]

Wade Paul | [email protected]

Hrushith Prasad Kalpam | [email protected]

Jyothi Basu LKV | [email protected]

Maheshvaran Chandrasekar | [email protected]

Melisa Mendonca | [email protected]

Nilesh Sanjay Suryawanshi | [email protected]

Parth Modi | [email protected]

Sadath Roshan | [email protected]

Venkata Sai Harshith Muramalla |  [email protected]

Sanaz Naghdi | [email protected]

Shyam Kumar Palakurthi | [email protected]

Sindoora Rao | [email protected]

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