Council Meetings

Council Meetings allow directors and executives to get together to work for the graduate student community. These meetings typically occur once a month and are open to graduate students who wish to attend*.

*Please note that students must register in order to be admitted into the council meeting. Students who have not registered will not be permitted to enter. Students who arrive late will need to wait until the end of the council meeting for a question period

Council Procedure 

Council meetings follow a formal procedure to ensure clarity and a professional working environment. Our council members utilise Robert’s Rules of Order in throughout these meetings in order to maintain a democratic decision making process. 

The first 30 minutes of every council meeting are reserved for students from our community to come and ask their representatives questions and provide feedback. While, the rest of the meeting’s topics are already scheduled and cannot be  changed, it is a good opportunity to interact directly with the elected officials of the GSA. The agenda for each meeting is available on the meeting’s event page. 

Once the question period has elapsed, the council members begin by accepting the agenda for the meeting and procede to discuss and vote on each point of the agenda. A simple majority is required to pass a motion at council. 

After the council meeting has concluded, the minutes of that meeting are released to the public within seven (7) days. You can find past meeting minutes here.