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GSA Language Class Registration Monday September 22 11am

French and English Classes are back! The GSA is once again very happy to offer these courses for the low price of 75$. We have an experienced staff who are ready to help you learn French! We offer a full range of courses for those who do not understand the poster all the way up to Business Presentation for fluent speakers looking to improve their professional prospects. You can read more about the French Classes here and English Classes here. If you have any questions do not hesitate to e-mail us at info at gsaconcordia dot ca.

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GSA Welcomes HoJo Tuesday September 16 at 12noon

Very happy to welcome our friends from CSU HOJO (including maybe the wonderful Leanne At Hojo) to give a workshop on your rights as a tenant here in Montreal. Yes, you actually have rights, including a right to refuse an unreasonable rent increase.

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GSA Fall Orientation 2014 Starts Monday September 15

Fall-orientation-1Magicians, face-painting, labour and tenant rights, BBQ burgers, and Bilbo Baggins – must be a dream? Yes, yes it was back in June. A dream of our VP-Internal  and Service Manager to work with the Student Life Committee to put together a great Week 1 of Orientation. It all starts Monday September 15th! You can tell everybody you are going on Facebook.

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GSA Welcomes Recent Legal Decision

The GSA welcomes the recent decision of the Honorable Madame Claude Dallaire in favor of the Rassemblement des Associations Étudiantes over the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). While this is a substantial victory for the Quebec student unions involved, we still have a long road to travel before we can have the referendum result of 2010 finally recognized and have the CFS accept our legitimate right to leave the organization. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@gsaconcordia.ca.

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Job Offer: Yes! Campaign Coordinator and Mobilizers

The GSA will be mounting its largest and most ambitious undertaking in October 2014 – achieving official designation from the Province of Quebec as the independent body representing the interests of Concordia graduate students. When we achieve success, it will be because we mobilize over 2,000 students to support the accreditation drive.

We need help! We will be hiring one coordinator and five mobilizers. Please click here for more information.

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