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GSA Winter Orientation 2015!

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We Say No to Concordia Losing 180 Staff Positions. A decision taken by Concordia Senior Management that will impact the quality of our education forced by Budget Cuts.

We say No to a further erosion of social programs that help our community’s most vulnerable members.

We say No to cuts in Healthcare that are already having a disastrous impact on crucial front line staff.

We say No to Budget Compressions, nice try Quebec Liberals, we are Graduate Students and we know that means Budget Cuts.




GSA Language Classes – Registration Begins Wednesday January 21!

GSA French and English classes are back. and still only 75$! You can find out more about French courses hereYou can read about our two great English classes here.

French Classes (2) English WRITING (2)

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GSA Winter Orientation Kicks Off January 20

The GSA Winter Orientation kicks off January 20 with an event that will help you polish up your public speaking skills and sharpen your ability to make friends and influence people. From there we will pursue outdoor adventures and of course host a great party. You can see all of the events here.

This will be, as our VP-External noted, a pretty funky fun time! Hope to see you all out there, dress warm!

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We Need Volunteers!

volunteer_clip_artThe GSA is looking for volunteers!

We will be holding many events in the coming months and we need all kinds of help (your help). Ranging from planning events, setting up parties and helping new graduate students get their bearings, there is a place for all skill sets and personalities at the GSA.

Contact our VP-Internal Rohit today to learn about these exciting opportunities.

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Bylaw Committee Meeting Thursday January 15 3pm

The Open Session of the Bylaw Committee shall take place Thursday January 15 at 3pm in the GSA House. All members are welcome, but please remember to review the current bylaws. You can get a copy of these by mailing us at info@gsaconcordia.ca

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Council Meeting Monday January 19 3-6pm GSA House

The GSA Council of Directors shall convene Monday January 19 from 3-6pm in the GSA House (2030 Mackay). You can see the Agenda here:  January 19 GSA Council Agenda

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