GSA Accreditation Campaign Runs October 14-27

The GSA Needs You! Yes You!

In existence since 1970, the GSA has been fighting for Concordia graduate students’ rights on the streets and in the classrooms. With over 6,000 members with different nationalities and from 60 different graduate programs, the GSA

  • provides advocacy services to over hundreds of students annually;
  • fills the gaps in provincial health care in by providing the GSA Health and Dental Plan;
  • provides English and French writing classes;
  • defends the rights of international students;
  • provides funding to dozens of students groups;
  • offers over 50 social and cultural events every year.

During the month of October, the GSA will be mounting its largest and most ambitious undertaking in order to obtain official accreditation from the Province of Quebec as the independent body representing the interests of Concordia graduate students.

To obtain this designation, GSA needs 25% of all Concordia graduate students to vote YES.

From October 14th to the 27th, your vote will help mold the unique Concordia graduate student experience for yourself, your peers, and the students of tomorrow.

Information about the voting process will be revealed in the coming days.

So VOTE YES! For GSA Independence

Please contact or for more information.

Member Motions for General Assembly October 23rd

Members have submitted two motions (Strike! and Down with Pipelines! are a hint) you can read the full motions here.

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Candidate Statements for October 23rd General Assembly Elections

Candidates for the various open positions who filed their completed nomination forms on time were given the option if providing a statement and photo that would be placed on the site. You can see these here.

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Council of Directors Meeting Wednesday October 22

The GSA Council of Directors will meet this Wednesday. You can see the full agenda here: October 22 Council Agenda and Packet.

The meeting will take place in the GSA House located at 2030 Mackay from 6-9pm. Directors will be present from 5:30pm to take questions.

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GSA Accreditation Drive Starts Fast Out of Gate

Over 900 graduate students cast ballots in the first 12 hours of the two week accreditation drive! This is a fantastic start but we must keep the momentum going. The President and Executive team are thrilled with the results to date but encourage everybody to cast their vote. You can do so online through the myconcordia student portal. Here is a short video that demonstrates how easy it is cast your vote today.


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Director Meeting Attendance

In an effort to establish a culture of accountability and transparency the Communications Committee for the GSA, following a Council mandate, presents the attendance records for 2014 Council Meetings including Directors and Executives. You can see them here.

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