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We Say No to Concordia Losing 180 Staff Positions. A decision taken by Concordia Senior Management that will impact the quality of our education forced by Budget Cuts.

We say No to a further erosion of social programs that help our community’s most vulnerable members.

We say No to cuts in Healthcare that are already having a disastrous impact on crucial front line staff.

We say No to Budget Compressions, nice try Quebec Liberals, we are Graduate Students and we know that means Budget Cuts.




Notice of Motion – Change to Bylaws

Please be advised of the following proposed bylaw change.

Motion CO-20150119-08

Whereas the GSA budget originates from the students;

Whereas GA membership has the right to have access to mechanisms through which it can easily exercise oversight on how the GSA functions and how their money is invested;

Be It Resolved That the GA elects a student from the general GSA membership outside council and execs to the budget committee;

Be It Further Resolved That the Article 12.2 of the GSA Bylaws on the composition of the Budget Committee now include “12.2.7 One member-at-large elected annually by the General Assembly.””

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GSA is Hiring – Elections CRO and Finance Manager

20now-hiring15-16 GSA Elections will take place March 30-April 1 and Roxana our Finance Manager is leaving!
We need a Chief Returning Officer (CRO) and a Finance Manager. We will be sending our more information about nomination periods and procedures in the coming days for those of you interested in running for a position.
You can see details about the two positions here.
Applications for both positions are due Monday March 2 at 6pm.
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Arts and Science Congress Friday March 6 2pm

Connolly Logo

The GSA Council convenes (to our knowledge) the first ever Arts and Science Graduate Students Congress. You can read more about this historic event here.

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GSA Council of Directors Meeting Monday February 16 6-9pm Hall Building H-769

You can read the Agenda here: February 16 Council Packet

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General Assembly Fails to Meet Quorum

Next Steps for GSA General Assembly Team

The General Assembly failed to reach quorum for the second time last Friday and as it is the highest decision-making authority within our organization this is cause for concern.

There is no one person that is responsible for members not coming last Friday. Over the past two years we have had an enviable record of holding successful General Assemblies on a regular basis. This year, we have not. It is not time for panic, but it is an opportunity for us to reflect and grow stronger.

We accept that and we are going to do better.

That starts with us taking a bit of time to reflect on what happened as a team, then opening up the process to your suggestions and energy. While we have enjoyed many successes this year, it is obvious that we have work to do in some areas.

We will reach out to you in the near future and it is our sincere hope that you will engage with us as we endeavor to create a sustainable General Assembly culture within the GSA.

In the meantime if you have any comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at info (at) gsaconcordia (dot) ca

The GSA Team

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