GSA Fee List 2021-2022

The work of the GSA as well as many wonderful on-campus resources are supported by fees paid by all GSA members. In the case of the GSA it allows us to offer you Advocacy Services, host cultural and social events, provide funding to over 65 departmental and faculty associations to support their work, and dozens of other endeavors we embark upon annually.

Over the years other on-campus, student initiated groups have also asked GSA members for financial support. These range from groups bringing in some of the world’s best political documentaries and guest speakers free of charge for GSA members to a food co-operative offering organic grains and a whole host of healthy choices for you to put in your lunch bag. These fee levy requests are submitted to the membership for consideration and voting upon members during the annual elections. You can see a complete list of the current fee levies below.

GSA Fees

GSA Annual Membership Fee

$57.28 per year

Graduate Student Advocacy Center 

$2.50 per term
Fee Levy group Name (click on the name for more information). All fee levies approved through general referendum vote in annual elections.


Centre for Gender Advocacy

$ 0.50 per term

Center Community Solidarity Cooperative Bookstore

 $ 0.57 per term

Le Frigo Vert

$ 1.50 per term

Sustainable Concordia

$ 0.50 per term

Sustainable Action Fund

$1.25 per term

CSU Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank (HOJO)

$ 1.25 per term

Cinema Politica

$1.00 per term

People’s Potato Collective 

$2.35 per term


$0.50 per term

The Hive (Fall, Winter Terms only)

$2.50 per term

charged to all graduate student