Resources for Graduate Students

We know that life as a graduate student is difficult enough as is, so let us  help point you to the right resources for whatever you may need!

Concordia University Services

Physical Health 

The GSA Student Healthcare Plan | Website 

Concordia Health Services Clinic | Website

Recreation, Sports, & Fitness | Website

Mental Health 

Concordia’s Mental Health Support Network | Website

Counselling & Psychological Services | Website

The Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) | Website

Zen Dens | Website

Concordia Students’ Nightline | FaceBook Page | 514-848-7787


Concordia’s Resource on Academic Integrity | Website 

Graduate Academic Calendar | Website

CSU/GSA Advocacy Centre | Website

Academic Offence Disciplinary Process | Website 

Access Centre for Students with Disabilities | Website 


The International Students Office (ISO) | Website

Graduate Admissions for International Students | Website

International Fee Exemptions | Website

Immigration Documentation | Website

*please note that for all issues concerning immigration students must go to the ISO for help. The GSA is not sufficiently equipped to handle these cases.


Tuition Information | Website

Funding & Awards

Provincial & Federal Awards for Incoming Students | Website

Concordia University Entrance Awards for Incoming Students | Website

Provincial & Federal Awards for Current Students | Website

Concordia University In-House Awards | Website

Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Nationals (PBEEE) | Website

Graduate Community Building Support Fund | Website

Concordia University COVID-19 Financial Support | Website

Storwell’s Foster Children Bursary Program | Website

GradProSkills | Website

Financial Wellness | Website

SGW Campus

Loyola Campus

Important Information for Getting Settled in Montréal

Finding affordable housing is increasingly difficult in Montreal but we’ve got a few resources to help you find a place to stay.


Kijiji Montreal

Facebook Marketplace

To start working in Canada you must first get a Social Insurance Number (SIN). You can apply for one online here.

Once you’ve got your SIN, you can start applying for jobs. Here’s some places to start looking:




Unfortunately, it is not possible to open a new bank account online in Canada. You will have to contact the bank of your choice directly to set up an appointment.

Getting a health card is very important in order to get access to Québec’s public health system.  International students need to enrol in supplemental health insurance.

Learn more here.

Getting your student ID is very important. This is your key to access certain study spaces, use on-campus printing and sitting your exams.

Learn more here.

COVID-19 vaccinations are required for an array of non-essential services, both on and off campus.

Make your COVID-19 vaccination appointment here.

Already vaccinated but need help registering into Québec’s vaccine passport system? Click here.

Learning french will be very useful when living in Montréal. There are a bunch of free programs to learn french in Québec, find some here.

GradProSkills also offers free french classes!

There are only a few options for mobile service in Canada. Below are the main four.





still can’t find what you’re looking for? ask us here!