About Sponsorships

The GSA occasionally sponsors events which the GSA supports but does not have any direct involvement with.

Who Qualifies?

In order to qualify for Sponsorship funding an applicant must:

  • be an individual registered in a graduate program at Concordia acting on behalf of a group, or
  • be a registered GSA departmental association, or
  • be affiliated with Concordia University in some other way

What Is Covered?

The GSA may sponsor events that contribute to the goals of the GSA as described in the Bylaws, or in some cases to projects the Executive Committee deems worthwhile based on similar principles, such as initiatives that benefit the wider community.

What Documentation Is Required?

All applicants must submit:
  • a complete description of the event or project being sponsored
  • a budget including what other sponsorship or revenue is being sought
  • a sponsorship package, where available

To apply for funding, please e-mail our Faculty Manager by clicking here . To book a space email our Services Manager by clicking here. or visit us at 2030 Mackay, 2nd floor.

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